About us

NTSS are a young, agile team of highly skilled digital engineers that feel the needs of organizations like yours like our second nature.

We do not only provide the right tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, Skype entreprise and Virtualization solutions to help your business grow. We guide your business through every step of becoming a truly digital profit center.


We believe that successful digital businesses are not only built on technology, but on the people that apply the tools and innovation to business needs.

Therefore, we take the right energy as regards best of breed IT Project Management to really engage and detect the stakeholders in your organizations. We team up, for we are the Microsoft, Cloud and Virtualization experts, but you know your people like nobody else does.

In order to be able to deploy a winning strategy for growth, we want to really understand the status, identity and processes of your organization and the people that make it work.

Strategic Roadmap

As we are skilled to feel your company’s heartbeat really fast, we want to be able to set-up a company specific roadmap as the first building block to a successful project.

We create the best of both the wider industry practices and add them up to your specific business needs.

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