Digital certificates

Everybody knows the sentence ‘Better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow

One could say almost the same about digital certificates.

Through the years, digital certificates have been used more and more in Microsoft products.

Starting with the operating system itself. Let’s build a quick list of services that take benefit from certificate services.

  • IIS Required for https and/or authentication.
  • SMART CARD LOGON Required.
  • ENCRYPTED FILE SYSTEM Highly Recommended.
  • BITLOCKER Highly Recommended.
  • DIRECT ACCESS Highly Recommended.
  • RDS Required for Gateway.
  • REMOTE ACCESS Require for high secure protocols.

Through the years, most of our customer reported us certificate services as a very difficult and very unpleasant subject.

NTSS has developed a specific training that will demystify digital certificates and allow administrators to gain access to all the rich features that they allow.